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Incendies trailer online

Incendies.jpgJust in time for the screening at the Glasgow Film Festival comes a high definition trailer for Incendies from writer and director Denis Villeneuve. I was attracted to the film when it was described in the festival literature as being "featured in many lists of the ten best films of 2010", and so it immediately made my watch list.

The trailer looks powerful and I love the way it opens with secrets revealed and promising a journey of discovery that looks from the trailer to be far from easy.

Here's the blurb for Incendies from the Apple Trailers site where you can see the trailer in high definition:

When notary Lebel (Remy Girard) sits down with Jeanne and Simon Marwan (Melissa Desormeaux Poulin, Maxim Gaudette) to read them their mother Nawal's will (Lubna Azabal), the twins are stunned to receive a pair of envelopes - one for the father they thought was dead and another for a brother they didn't know existed. In this enigmatic inheritance, Jeanne sees the key to Nawal's retreat into unexplained silence during the final weeks of her life. She immediately decides to go to the Middle East to dig into a family history of which she knows next to nothing. Simon is unmoved by their mother's posthumous mind games. However, the love he has for his sister is strong, and he soon joins her in combing their ancestral homeland in search of a Nawal who is very different from the mother they knew. With Lebel's help, the twins piece together the story of the woman who brought them into the world, discovering a tragic fate as well as the courage of an exceptional woman. An adaptation of Wajdi Mouawad's hit play, INCENDIES is a deeply moving story that brings the extremism and violence of today's world to a starkly personal level, delivering a powerful and poetic testament to the uncanny power of the will to survive.

From the Glasgow Film Festival site:

Denis Villeneuve's majestic, moving adaptation of Wajdi Mouawad's play Scorched has featured in many lists of the ten best films of 2010. It is a powerful tale of family ties, duty and the inescapable links between past and present. Following the death of their mother, twins Jeanne (Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin) and Simon (Maxim Gaudette) are shocked to discover that they have a brother and that the father they believed to be dead is still alive. Their mother's final wish is that they should deliver sealed letters to the two men. Jeanne feels compelled to honour this request and thus begins an incredible journey to her mother's homeland in Lebanon and an equally enthralling voyage into the family's extraordinary history.

Incendies does sound like a powerful and interesting film, one that's going to be as meaningful to watch as it will be entertaining, and I mean that in a true sense of intelligent and thoughtful film-making. Definitely one to see, and if you're going to the Glasgow Film Festival then you should make sure this is on your watch list.

Here's a flash version of a previous version of the trailer for Incendies, and a reminder that you can see the new one on Apple Trailers:



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