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Update: Insidious trailer online

Insidious.jpgJames Wan is behind Saw, Dead Silence and Death Sentence, and now he's returning with another horror called Insidious which looks like it owes a lot to supernatural horror films like Poltergeist, and it doesn't look a bad thing from this trailer.

The film stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey, and tells of a comatose boy who is possessed by evil creatures which haunt him and the house where his parents live, and how they try any means they can to get rid of them.

It looks like a good film with a strong cast, and James Wan can deliver good stories and horror, it's also written by Leigh Whannell. Here with Insidious it looks as though he's stepped things up a little and is delivering something quite a bit stronger than we've seen before.

Certainly from the trailer for Insidious which comes through ShockTillYouDrop there's a strong feeling of Poltergeist and supernatural over the horror aspect, although there does look to be a lot of "giveaways", a lot more than you'd see in Poltergeist. However, that might not be a bad thing.

Here's the trailer for the film which looks like it could deliver.

Update: There's a much higher quality version over at Apple Trailers today so you can run through it frame by frame and catch some of the scare moments to see more of what's going on. Thankfully they don't show too much, but you do get to see the faces of some of the haunting images and creatures, and it looks even better.



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