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Logan's Run gains director and lead?

LogansRun.jpgIt was just yesterday we were hearing from Joel Silver talking about the remake of Logan's Run which seemed to be going nowhere fast. The second director it had attracted had left and there seemed to be no hope of it moving forward, even Silver himself had nothing to say about it other than signalling a holding pattern around it. He seemed to be keeping it alive and little else.

This morning there's news that it's gained a director and that an offer is out to an actor to take the leading role. It seems positive, but at the same time there's going to be a very different Logan's Run coming our way.

That is if Nicolas Winding Refn does indeed end up directing the film and Ryan Gosling taking the lead, if that is the case then we're going to see something that's a tad removed from the film that either Bryan Singer or Carl Rinsch were set to bring us.

Deadline has the story today that Gosling has an offer out to him to take the lead of the film with word that Refn is directing, although they don't really address the director in the story so we'll just have to take their word for it that this is the case.

The story sees a future society living in an enclosed and self-contained city, protected from the outside world which has been devastated in some apocalyptic event. Within the society everyone wears a crystal on their hand which charts your progress through the years and when you reach thirty it begins flashing red and then turns black. That's the sign of your Last Day, a day that will involve an event called the Carousel and the hope of Renewal.

The lead character is Logan, a Sandman, a group of people who hunt down runners, people who try to escape the Carousel. Logan is charged with an undercover mission to find where these runners are disappearing to, to discover their mythical Sanctuary and destroy it. His crystal, or Lifeclock, is turned deliberately red, well before his time, and he is told to run.

He does, but doubts enter his mind as soon as his questions about the existence of Sanctuary, the process of Renewal, and if he will get his spent years back go unanswered and his journey to find Sanctuary becomes one that might mean his own survival. Suddenly the rules have changed for the Sandman.

The original Logan's Run is a superb film filled with great ideas and clever execution, and as I said yesterday while it does look dated there's so much in the story that is relevant today and still left unexplored.

Ryan Gosling is a great choice for the lead, he's an excellent actor who has been doing independent films for some time and this could be a big leap for him towards Hollywood. Meanwhile Nicolas Winding Refn wrote and directed Pusher, Bronson (Filmstalker review) and Valhalla Rising, so this is not going to resemble the Logan's Run we've seen, or hoped for, in the past.

Is this pairing really the right one for the film?



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