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New Thor trailer looks superb

Thor.jpgI haven't read anything of what other people are saying about the new Thor trailer, but I know what I feel after watching it, excited. That trailer looks fantastic. It's way better than the trailer we've seen before and it looks perfectly pitched.

The Mark Protosevich written and Kenneth Branagh directed film looks like an epic superhero battle and Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston all look fantastic, Hemsworth in particular, and I'm desperate to see more of Hiddleston.

I am excited for the film to see what Kenneth Branagh can bring to the film, how he translates his wonderful cinematic style and flair for Shakespearean adaptations to something such as Thor, but throughout this trailer the question of Branagh didn't even enter my mind, it was all about the building power of the trailer.

I love it. I really hope the film keeps up to this strength. I love the way that Natalie Portman answers when the nurse asks "Name?", and the music. Yep, I love it.

Here's the new Thor trailer which I won't embed from Yahoo Movies as I hate their flash player, however it does come from them and they have various high definition options:



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