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Stalked: Leterrier's Cops versus Illusionists, Caruso directing Preacher, McQuarrie to write Space Battleship Yamato film, Sutherland still says 24 film happening

Leterrier's Cops versus Illusionists...

Caruso directing Preacher...

McQuarrie to write Space Battleship Yamato film...

Sutherland still says 24 film happening...

Leterrier's Cops versus Illusionists...
Louis Leterrier isn't letting the problem of a bad 3D conversion on Clash of the Titans - because that's really all that was wrong with the film wasn't it? - and according to The Hollywood Reporter he's directing a heist film next called Now You See Me. It's a heist film with a difference as it sees an FBI team trying to chase down a team of bank robbers who happen to be the world's greatest illusionists. They carry out their raids during their performances and giving the profits of the raids onto their audiences.

Caruso directing Preacher...
D.J. Caruso is directing Preacher, he said so on his Twitter account found through JoBlo. The question is, who's playing the lead? Are all the rumoured names still in the running?

McQuarrie to write Space Battleship Yamato film...
Okay, well it's not quite 100% true, but Christopher McQuarrie is going to write a Space Battleship Yamato film according to . Well he's actually writing a film adaptation of the seventies science fiction television series Star Blazers, which itself is based on the anime Space Battleship Yamato that has just seen a big screen release from Japan, you can see a trailer here on Filmstalker. The story of both films is a struggling human race battling against an alien invasion.

Sutherland still says 24 film happening...
I don't know how much longer Kiefer Sutherland can keep the hope alive for a 24 film, but he's still talking about it and being absolutely positive. On American television, twice in one day on different shows, through he's claimed that a 24 film is definitely going to happen, without a doubt, it's starting next January and Tony Scott is just one of the directors interested. I still don't get it, a 24 film is just 2.



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