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Stalked: Remakes: Soapdish gains writer; Bier's Rapt; Columbus' Hello Ghost; Loft casting; 13: Game of Death

Yes the commonality in this Stalked is that all the films referred to are indeed remakes. Here are the taglines:

Soapdish remake gains writer and key producers...

Susanne Bier is remaking Rapt...

Chris Columbus is remaking Hello Ghost...

Loft remake gains cast...

13: Game of Death to be remade...

Soapdish remake gains writer and key producers...
I first wrote about the possible remake of Soapdish back in May of last year when we heard that Rob Reiner was on board to produce the remake of the 1991 comedy about the feuding cast of a long running soap. We heard that the setting was moving from a soap to the set of a daytime true life film, although I thought that the cast of a film warring might not have the same impact as the politics involved in a soap.

Now The Hollywood Reporter tells us that a producer from the original is on board, Alan Greisman, and alongside him they have a writer in the form of Ben Schwartz, actor and writer. There's no discussion of the direction of this remake and what they're hoping to do, but grabbing the same big name ensemble cast could make or break this film.

Susanne Bier is remaking Rapt...
Susanne Bier is getting busy just now, and quite rightly so, she's a very talented film-maker. Latest news for her is a remake of a film called Rapt, a French thriller which she and her co-writer from the Oscar nominated In a Better World, Anders Thomas Jensen, have just completed a screenplay for according to Deadline.

The original film is inspired by a true story of a chairman of a corporation who is kidnapped and held for ransom by a group of organised criminals. The Police, family and the corporation themselves all have their own agenda and plans to free him and are far from working together to secure his release. It's a strong thriller that won a Cesar, and with Bier behind the remake, it could be tipped for great things too.

Chris Columbus is remaking Hello Ghost...
Chris Columbus is to remake Hello Ghost, a Korean film about a man who tries to kill himself and fails and is then haunted by four ghosts who won't leave him until he helps them each fulfil one wish. Apparently the film is more comedy than anything, and in a statement from the original studio through Deadline, it was clear that they are happy for him to be doing so. He also said:

"After watching Hello Ghost I was immediately struck by the film's ability to mix comedy, drama and complex emotional themes...Its strong universal storyline translates to any culture, and I'm looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience."

Why can't they just read subtitles and enjoy the original film?

Loft remake gains cast...
The Belgian film Loft is the story of five married friends who rent a loft together for a place to bring their mistresses too. One day they find the body of a dead woman in the flat and suspicion falls on one of them, suddenly they realise that they didn't know each other so well and one of them is probably a murderer. Sounds like an interesting thriller, and Hollywood are remaking it according to Variety through Latino Review.

Already there are actors in negotiation, Patrick Wilson and James Marsden are two of the names, and it will be directed by Erik Van Looy who is remaking his own film, he directed the original. Oh dear, this doesn't work too often does it? Out of interest there was a Dutch remake of Loft just last year of it but as a comedy thriller.

13: Game of Death to be remade...
13: Game of Death, the 2006 Thai thriller follows a salesman who has lost everything in his life and receives a mysterious phonecall offering him the chance to win a huge amount of money if he plays a simple game and completes thirteen as yet unknown challenges. Jason Blum and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones have acquired the rights to remake which Dimension Films were holding onto according to Bloody Disgusting through AITH. I'm off to catch the original, and you should do for all these films.



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