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The Stand to become a film

TheStand.jpgStephen King fans once thought that his books could never be adapted for the screen, they were just too big and too involved. Then came the mini-series and we thought they could never be made for screen, then came the films and with the exception of a few we thought they could never be made well. Cue the resurgence.

The Dark Tower is about to begin and we're getting a film and television series from Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman, followed by three more of each to complete the entire series (all going well), and to follow that, uber-producer Roy Lee is working on a new film adaptation of The Stand.

The rights for The Stand (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) have been held by CBS for quite some time but they've never attempted anything with it, until they decided to team up their films division with Warner Bros. to make it into a cinematic version, something that previously seemed impossible. In fact it would have seemed to have been much more apt to make it into a The Walking Dead style television series.

The Stand is a story of epic proportions, in fact post apocalypse, if someone was to pick up the book which had a few key pages at the beginning and end missing, they might mistake it for a book telling the facts about the end of the world, about good versus evil, in the future it could be the basis for an entire new civilisation and religion.

Okay, maybe a little too much, but it is the story of the end of the world and about groups of survivors from an apocalypse brought about by a virus that has escaped from a government facility, a virus that wipes out nearly everything on the planet. The survivors are rounded up by two very different forces and brought together for one big, final battle and it features that favourite villain, Randall Flagg.

The novel was first published in 1978 and The Hollywood Reporter tells us something I hadn't appreciated, that in 1990 Stephen King re-released it, revising parts of the story.

Attempts have been made to adapt it before but the mini-series was the only one to bring it to any form of life, and it wasn't that bad at doing it, in fact it was pretty good. However it did tame down a lot of the story, after all we are talking Stephen King here.

The most interesting part of the whole story is that writers and directors are being looked at in the coming weeks to find out how to make the novel into something visual, and that means that the studios are not locked down to a single way of making it. They haven't already decided on a single film, a mini-series, or a complete series as yet, so it could follow The Dark Tower model, it could follow The Walking Dead, or it could even be a series of films, right now it all seems open, and that's really good news.

The other good news is that Stephen King will be involved. There's nothing said about how much or if his role is more than an Executive Producer credit to gain some glory from the production, but I'm hoping it's creatively.

King could well be coming back.



Looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the mini-series.


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