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The Wicker Tree trailer arrives online

TheWickerTree.jpgAlong with the trailer for The Wicker Tree comes a new blurb for the film, and the trailer sounds pretty heavy from the opening lines. That said, it does feel a little messy, and that's not just the blood, there are a few surprisingly bad looking scenes which I'm just hoping are because they're out of context in this trailer.

The previous teaser trailer was much stronger that's for sure. Here's the new trailer and blurb for The Wicker Man, the Robin Hardy written and directed companion to The Wicker Man.

Let's just pile straight into the blurb for The Wicker Tree, which is written and directed by Robin Hardy, the directed of the original The Wicker Man back in 1973. In The Wicker Tree he's managed to get Christopher Lee to return to the film and he's joined by a number of good Scottish actors.

Here's the blurb which gives us a little more about the story.

Gospel singer Beth and her cowboy friend Steve, two virgins promised to each other, set off from Texas to enlighten the Scottish heathens in the ways of Christ. When they are welcomed with joy and elation to the village of Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. Beguiled by beautiful, sexy Celtic music, in counterpoint to the bluegrass hymns Beth sings to them, she is elected Queen of the May. Meanwhile an increasingly doubtful Steve becomes her consort, destined to be hunted on horseback by the whole community in a ritual he believes to be an innocent race. Neither of them realize that these honors are being heaped upon them for a purpose that will lead them to a terrifying split end.

The blurb for The Wicker Man does sound really good, especially with what we're expecting from The Wicker Man, but the trailer doesn't live up to it for me, and the amount of haphazard gore is a little worrying, there's definitely far less subtlety than the first film which is something that made it for me.

Here's the trailer for The Wicker Tree:



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