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American: The Bill Hicks Story trailer

BillHicks.jpgI can't believe that this film is being released this year, after all I reviewed it last March, however it's also a great thing for this film is a powerful one and needs to be seen to be believed, and to draw you into the wonderful mind and life of Bill Hicks.

This new trailer really gets across the feel of the film and what sort of mark it will leave on you once you've watched it. I can't praise American: The Bill Hicks Story (Filmstalker review) enough, and so with that you should go and watch it.

The new trailer delivers well and it's in high definition. It does, in this short space of time, manage to connect with something inside you and still give you a little bit of an uplift, of a hint of inspiration, something that the film does so well.

Here's the blurb that comes with the Quicktime high definition trailer:

Seventeen years after his death, Bill Hicks has taken a permanent place in the cultural landscape and is widely recognized as one of the greatest American comedians of the modern era. Described as many things - philosopher, social satirist, even preacher - Hicks was ultimately a performer who, for many, changed what comedy could be. He believed that comedy played a vital role in any free and just society, and that the comedian, a free spirit detached from political or corporate agendas, was able to voice what others wouldn't, challenging convention and presenting ideas that would stimulate the minds of the audiences.

Hicks had no difficulty making people laugh- but what he really wanted to do was make them think.

His life tragically cut short at the age of 32, Hicks' timeless material lives on, revered today by both comedians (many who cite him as an influence) and fans alike. Hicks' remarkable journey is brought to life in the documentary feature American: The Bill Hicks Story.

Combining revealing new interviews from those who knew him best with a bold new photographic animation technique, American takes the audience inside Hicks' unfolding life story using archival footage and animated photographs, many from Hicks' personal collection and previously unseen. It's a film that innovates, inspires, and outrages- while being funny as hell in the process.

I honestly couldn't agree with that blurb more, and the thing is these blurbs so often hype a film beyond belief, and yet here it's telling it like it is.

You can see the new trailer for American: The Bill Hicks Story (Filmstalker review) over at Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition, I urge you to go and see it.



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