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Bad Teacher family friendly trailer

BadTeacher.jpgThe new trailer for Bad Teacher does show something very clearly, it's not that Bad Teacher looks like a great film, but just how much of the trailer relies on swearing and sexual jokes.

Compare the two trailers and you'll see exactly what I mean. The family friendly American green band trailer is here, while the American red band is on another post.

The trailers for Bad Teacher are almost identical, just with the swearing and sexual jokes cut out. Nowhere is it more obvious than at the end when the gym teacher hands over the net full of balls and says "hold my balls", whereas in the red band version he says "hold my ball sack", comedic genius.

That my friends, is sarcasm.

The story does come through a little better in this trailer though and lines up the rivalry. Bad teacher who should be sacked sees a hot new teacher appears and vies with the best teacher in the school to win his affections, and to do so she has to become a good teacher. On the way is she going to learn a life lesson, become a good teacher and inspiration to her kids and end up with the nice guy gym teacher? Who knows, but there will be plenty of swear words and references to body parts throughout. Wooo.

Here's the trailer.



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