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Doom remake in 3D?

Doom_Poster.jpgRemakes are one of the latest conveyor belt settings in Hollywood, and it's been set to full on recently, especially with rumour of a new Doom film.

Get this though, Universal have just said no to Guillermo Del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness (for now anyway) and they've said yes to a remake of Doom? More than that it doesn't look like they've learned any lessons from the original, why? Read on.

The story doesn't seem to be confirmed at the moment, so do take with some salt, but the worrying side of this all is that you can totally believe what's happening here, and more to the point that Universal would try to make the film again.

Apparently, according to the Australian Whats Playing site through JoBlo, Universal are keen to restart Doom since films like G.I. Joe returned so much money. Yes, everyone else is scratching their heads with the connection there too, perhaps it's because they have realised that they can make profitable PG-13 films out of anything from man dolls to board games then why the hell not?

In a time when Monopoly, G.I. Joe, Battleships, and on, and on are getting big budgets to be made into big films it is very surprising that At the Mountains of Madness is turned down but then not so surprising that something like Doom is being eyed for a revisit. After all Universal have the film rights, it's simple, there's no real deep story to it, and here's the kicker, it'll work in 3D.

That appears to be the plan, if the story is true, that the new Doom would be made in 3D. Now ask yourself this, what did they learn from the original? Well if they're thinking about 3D as a main feature then I wonder if they've learned anything, because just imagine that first person perspective with 3D added in, things would be flying at you all the time. It would be like watching a friend play a 3D videogame.

If this is happening and if they are going the 3D route then surely this means the studio will want more first person perspective sections of the film? That's what's going to work best on 3D.

Perhaps not though, perhaps they will try and build it more like a proper action/adventure film. It's really about what attracts the most money isn't it?



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