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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night trailer arrives

DylanDog.jpgThe full Dylan Dog: Dead of Night trailer in English has arrived and thankfully it's looking much better and much less Buffy-esque. Actually from this new trailer it's looking like there's going to be a lot more comedy, a kind of funnier Constantine (Filmstalker review) and really that's no bad thing.

Brandon Routh looks like he could be getting himself a name outside of Superman, something he needs to do now that Hollywood has turned their back on the Christopher Reeves style Superman and going for something grittier. Could this be the start?

Well the first English language trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night looks like it might just be a step in the right direction. Here's the blurb for the film first:

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a new horror/comedy film based on one of the world's most popular comics (60 million copies worldwide). Brandon Routh stars as Dylan Dog, world famous private investigator specializing in affairs of the undead. His PI business card reads "No Pulse? No Problem." Armed with an edgy wit and carrying an arsenal of silver and wood-tipped bullets, Dylan must track down a dangerous artifact before a war ensues between his werewolf, vampire and zombie clients living undercover in the monster infested backstreets of New Orleans.

While previous teasers and the Italian trailer haven't really inspired anything much about the film, this new trailer does suggest that there's much more to it and it could be a lot more fun. What do you think? Take a look and see.

The trailer's below or you can head over to Apple Trailers and see it in Quicktime high definition.



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