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Game trailer surprises

Game.jpgI know if I mention a certain word up front that some will turn around and walk away from this trailer while others will be drawn to it, and that's despite the fact that it describes the industry and not so often the film, and this film is one of those that doesn't seem to be defined by the word.

Game looks to be a rather interesting thriller with some rather risqué and very cinematic moments, and it's also an Indian film, a film from Bollywood.

I wonder how many people turned on or off at the mention of the word without looking at the trailer?

The trailer for Game is surprising, stylish and sleek, the trailer owes more to Hollywood than Bollywood, feeling very much the crossover film.

Here's the blurb:

What happens in a cat and mouse game... when the cat dies? GAME is a whodunit with twists and turns that take us through revenge, retribution, prostitution, drug empires and good old-fashioned murder. Spanning 5 international cities, it is a slick, edge-of-the-seat crime thriller, where every 10-odd minutes sees a new twist that propels the story in an entirely unforeseen direction. The solution of the crime is a satisfying experience, where the audience is fully aware of all the facts...but will they get there before the end?

That really does promise an interesting thriller, and so does the trailer. My only concern is that there's too much style and the substance won't live up to either the blurb or the trailer, I do hope I'm wrong.

Talent wise I can't say, and I'm relying on the Hindi cinema literate among you to tell us, good looks are abundant in the trailer, again I'm hoping for more substance.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers, although unfortunately not in high definition which is what the film looks to be crying out for. This certainly does look the part, is the film going to live up to it?



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