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New Arthur trailer online

Arthur.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Arthur and it's looking a bit more amusing than the previous, there's some of the Russell Brand charm popping through, and a guest appearance from a big real life name who doesn't mind being belittled in film, something that seems to be a favourite trick of Hollywood at the moment.

It is looking better than the previous but I still have to admit I' not overly sold on the film as yet, it still hasn't managed to show me anything that makes me think that there should have been a sequel, perhaps the film will tell us differently.

This new trailer is a little more amusing, but not loads. There is a moment though, a flash of the original Arthur. This trailer delivers the story of the film and there's a moment that managed to just touch on the sympathy and indeed pity for the character that we felt in the first film. Could the remake manage to do it?

Find out with the new trailer for the new Arthur which you can also find over on Apple Trailers:



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