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RoboCop remake director found?

RoboCop.jpgWhile my heart is with most people about why there shouldn't be a RoboCop remake, part of me can see that there's something different to be had from a new, harder and more grounded RoboCop film, but now that Darren Aronofsky isn't involved as director a little of the sheen has been taken from the idea.

Now though a new director is being mentioned, and it's a hell of a leap for the studio but it's also a very exciting one. If it turns out to happen then we could be looking at a very gritty, a very hard, and a very violent new RoboCop.

The latest rumour is that Brazilian director José Padilha is set to take up the reigns of the RoboCop reboot. Who is he you might ask, and if you did you are sorely lacking some very good films, go and see Bus 174 (Ônibus 174) (Filmstalker review) and Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) immediately.

Both films were very different and both showed strong characteristics of the director. Bus 174 was a true story using actual footage and built tension superbly well, the dramatic ending was powerful and shocking, as any good documentary should be. Then came Elite Squad, which has a sequel already on the streets, and we saw him tackle another true story but through a fictional tale, looking at the armed police in Rio de Janeiro and their attempts to stop the drug dealers and criminals in the slums.

Both films were hard and shocking, and both delivered well on drama and tension while also building the more human side of characters and relationships, not to mention the latter film's violence and harder edge.

These are both excellent templates to show what Padilha is capable of and what we could expect from his RoboCop, if it were to actually happen.

The Deadline story through Quiet Earth tells us that the producers behind this remake are keen to have Padilha onboard, but there's nothing else to back that up or provide any idea of how far along it is other than just the article saying it's true, and in fact they describe it as a done deal even though they say he's in negotiations right now.

For me I hope it does go through and they continue this route of taking a risk with the remake. I mean if studios are obsessed with making remakes then please take a chance with them and push some belief and trust behind someone with intelligence rather than just churning out more of the same and adding the old studio moniker of "bigger and more" behind it.

Saying that I'm not overly negative about a RoboCop remake. The original is heavily dated and there's a lot to be said about applying today's technology, and today's view of future technology, to the concepts in RoboCop, as well as the problems that countries are facing at home and abroad.

There are so many more aspects to this that could take RoboCop off in a new direction, and with Padilha on board to direct, we really would be looking at a more realistic and harder edged RoboCop than we had before. Now we just need to hope they follow up with an equally strong writer.



Robocop being a cherished movie of my childhood, I was very sad to see Darren Aronofsky leave the project (just as I was ecstatic to see him join "The Wolverine"). I really think he could have laid something interesting.

That being said, you seem to think highly of that potential new director, which is reassuring to me. I might just give a chance to "Bus 174" and "Elite Squad" if I can get my hands on copies.

That being said, I don't wholly agree that the original is so heavily dated. The practical effects/props like the Robocop armor or ED-209 (as long as he's not shown walking that is) hold up pretty well I think. The overall clothing style, while blatantly 80's, is not a major irritant as it is in many movies of its decade and the score still gives me shivers after all these years (that might just be nostalgia though.)

I do agree that other special effects/props like the "VHS filter" of video footages or the CRT monitors, many hairdos and the sociopolitical climate portrayed give away the age of the movie but I still enjoy it from time to time and still think it is well filmed and fairly well written for its time and genre.

I remember watching the movie as a child. One scene in particular. The cyborg knight in shining armor walking through a wall of fire, slow but unrelenting. Steadily chasing after his prey.

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

Sorry, I didn't mean this to be a rant lol.

Hey Vash. Not a rant at all.

I don't think it's dated just in the effects department, but also in the concepts and the ideas behind it. A lot of the subtexts are dated too and looking at the main plot of RoboCop you can see so many new angles in which it could be taken to address many of the issues that society faces today.

Don't get me wrong, I love the original film and I only think reboots or remakes are worthwhile if they can take the original idea in a different direction and provide something new, and I think that's the case with RoboCop, otherwise Aronofsky wouldn't have thought of touching it.


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