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Stalked: Tobe Hooper directing Arabian horror; Tarantino's spaghetti western; Burton and Brolin on Hunchback; Devil May Cry film

Tobe Hooper directing Arabian horror...

Tarantino directing a spaghetti western?...

Burton and Brolin on new Hunchback film...

Devil May Cry film?...

Tobe Hooper directing Arabian horror...
Tobe Hooper is set to direct a horror film in the Middle East, backed by a company from Abu Dhabi and filmed in the United Arab Emirates, the film is written by the American writer David Tully. It tells the story of a couple from the U.S. who move to the U.A.E. and find that their new apartment in the luxury high rise is built on an abandoned fishing village which is home to malevolent spirits called Djinn. Phew, for a minute I thought it was going to be an old Indian burial ground, do they have a daughter?

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that this film will serve another purpose, to train the U.A.E. director Nayla Al Khaja as he shadows Hooper through the film working as a cultural consultant on the project. Now that is a good thing to come out of the horror film. Will U.A.E. be producing its own horror films before too long?

Tarantino directing a spaghetti western?...
Who really knows, as there seems to be more speculation and little action about Quentin Tarantino's career these days, but the Italian actor Franco Nero who revealed in an Italian interview through Badass Digest that he had been cast along with Treat Williams and Keith Carradine to star in The Angel, the Brute and the Wiseman, that's a rough translation through Twitch who also have news that Christoph Waltz is set to star in the film. Will it really happen? Well he says he's cast.

Burton and Brolin on new Hunchback film...
Set yourselves for the next wave of resurgence in creature films, now we're going to hear about a number of Hunchback projects on the go, and while only a few will make it through, we're sure to hear about more. For now Variety tells us that Josh Brolin is producing and set to star in a new Hunchback of Notre-Dame film and the rumour is that Tim Burton is looking to direct. Sounds like it could be extremely reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands, which is quite the Hunchback story itself.

Kieran and Michele Mulroney are set to write the script which comes from an idea by Brolin himself, well it'll come from adapting the original Victor Hugo novel with a twist that Brolin has conceived I'm sure. With Burton in charge though it could go in many directions.

Devil May Cry film?...
Is the videogame Devil May Cry going to be adapted for film? Well apparently it will be according to Variety through AITH, and Kyle Ward is set to write the script, he recently adapted the Kane & Lynch videogame which F. Gary Gray is directing, and that looks set to be a good one. Devil May Cry does not.

What's the story for the game? Oh yeah, character fighting demons in more spectacular and bigger fights with huge explosions and whooshes filling the screen. Well there is something about avenging the death of their mother, but really it's combat after combat with bigger weapons, creatures and explosions.

Perfect for a film? Well perhaps in the sense that there is no real story so it's wide open to be written anyway the studio want.



I have been saying FOR YEARS that QT should make a spaghetti western and splash it with cameos with actors that appeared in the spaghetti westerns back in the day, hearing Franco Nero will be in it only fires me up even more...hopefully Tomas Milian will also be cast in the film, but WOW..,Christoph Waltz, Treat Williams, Keith Carradine and the legendary Franco Nero...it would be incredibly awesome if Clint and Eli could make a small cameo and Ennio Morricone did an original score ..... either way I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!

Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for! “It’s not the having, its the getting.” by Elizabeth Taylor.


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