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The Dark Knight Rises plot rumours

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgRumours are taking off just now about The Dark Knight Rises, and you'll remember a similar situation for The Dark Knight where there were some crazy rumours floating about, and some that were indeed close to the truth, however it was clear that the truth was very much in the mind of a few.

That said, the latest rumours are rather interesting, and indeed worrying, for if they are true The Dark Knight Rises could end up trying to prove a point, probably not deliberately, one that was directly responsible for the problems around Spider-Man 3, the "too many villains" issue.

The rumours for The Dark Knight Rises have been building, and with Anne Hathaway recently admitting to all that her character isn't just going to be Selena Kyle and that she will actually be playing Catwoman in the film, the excitement has been growing.

However we also heard that Tom Hardy is coming on to play Bane, something that has been rumoured for a while, and a recent rumour has been saying that Marion Cotillard is due to join and play the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul from Batman Begins (Filmstalker review), Talia Al'Ghul.

There's another rumour too, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing another baddie in the film. We heard the story a while back that he was in negotiations but nothing else other than multiple rumours of different roles that he may play, but the talk is that he's in for another bad guy.

Okay, hold on a minute, so we're talking four villains in the film? That's usually been a bad sign when a film, especially a Batman film or as we've seen with Spider-Man 3, casts too many villains and has to try and build their characters as well as delivering a strong story and focus on our main character's journey too.

Will Christopher Nolan be able to pull it off? Well the big question first is if he'll be doing it, and the rumour (and do bear in mind that this is a rumour) that comes from Badass Digest through JoBlo is that, and here comes the potential spoilers for this is a big plot reveal if it's right.

Oh yes, can I give you the standard paragraph pause now, this could be the central plot of the new film, although I don't think it really is a huge spoiler if it's true, it's certainly going to dull the surprise if they are trying to keep the core plot just that, a surprise.

Okay, here's the rumour from one of those pesky "insiders".

Although Catwoman and Batman will begin as enemies they will team up together to take down a common enemy, that enemy will be in the form of Talia Al'Ghul as the new League of Shadows and her personal protector Bane. Then there's Levitt who is being rumoured as many villains, but on the side of the League of Shadows, or at least against Batman, some say the Black Mask, others say a wide variety of things.

That's a lot of conjecture and rumour, but if it is true its action packed and there's a lot to try and get in there. Frankly I'm struggling to see how Nolan can do it without slipping from the main goal, that of the character of Batman and bringing him out of the depths where he left off and redeeming him in his own eyes. The old problem of too many villains seems to be hitting the Batman franchise again.

However, and here's the level headed part of me. We've seen it already, huge and wild rumours about the Batman franchise under Nolan's control that have turned out to be wrong and he's managed to keep the true plot and story well under wraps delivering something to surprise us all. I'm hopeful that this is a similar case and that we're seeing over eager sites leaping at every scrap of information.

Some of it may be true, some might not. I suspect the Catwoman and Batman parts are, and the Talia and Bane sounds feasible, but already we're starting to burst at the seams. What will be the real truth?



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