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The Dark Tower doubts over lead?

TheDarkTower.jpgBack in January we heard the story that Javier Bardem was in negotiations to join The Dark Tower and take the lead of Roland Deschain The Gunslinger, and whatever I thought of the casting decision it seems that was the way it was to go.

Or perhaps not. For a story that's appearing today is casting a little doubt on how solid that story was and how far on those negotiations were, and it may just be that Bardem isn't that close to signing after all.

In January we heard that Javier Bardem was set to play Roland Deschain, the lead character of the last Gunslinger in Stephen King's epic series of novels The Dark Tower, and the lead in the three film and television series that were being started by Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman was set to write the script for the first film and television series while Howard would direct both.

It's a mammoth commitment for an actor though who would have to do a Harry Potter deal and sign away a large portion of their acting career to three films and three television series, that is if the first were successful enough to keep the studio running with them.

However it was all set to start with the first film of The Dark Tower, and the word was Javier Bardem was well into negotiations to star.

Now we're hearing from producer Brian Grazer that things aren't so solid. Speaking to MTV through The Playlist he said that Bardem was...

"...locked in psychologically...He really wants to do it, so we're absolutely rooting for him to do it."

Now reading the first part of that comment I thought it could go either way. Perhaps he was signed and he had found how to play the character of Roland and was ready to go. However the second part isn't quite as clear.

Together it could be taken either way, even that second comment could be that Grazer was saying he's rooting for Bardem to "do it" as in nail the part and be accepted by fans when the first film appears, contracts are all complete.

Or, you could read into it all that he's not signed and there are still decisions to be made and some haven't yet made their minds up, and that could well include Bardem himself.

Remember, three films and three television series, that's a long development road and a lot of your life to throw into one property, and Bardem isn't your typical actor who takes roles like this, he's just led Biutiful.

Then Grazer says something more and it does look like it's firmly in the Bardem camp.

"Javier Bardem, that's what we're hoping. We're in the process of trying to put that together...We're really just focused on Javier right now."

Well that most certainly sounds like the production want Bardem above all and he's not committing yet. I wonder if he will. Unless they are going to pick a different actor for each combination of film and series then I can't see how such a diverse and independent actor would commit to such a large chunk of his career.

Will Bardem play Deschain? I think Bardem will turn the project down and then they can look to the far better choice of Stephen Moyer, have I pimped him enough for the role?



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