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The Expendables II with new director, younger cast?

TheExpendables.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about The Expendables II, especially from Sylvester Stallone. He's been talking about what he'd like to see in the film, where the characters should go, and so on for some time.

However now it looks like things are actually starting to happen on the production and The Expendables II might just be moving forward, albeit with some rather big changes.

For The Expendables II it seems that Sylvester Stallone may not be writing or directing the film, and with his previous comments about wanting a cast that's not so old, I'm wondering if this is going to be the same as The Expendables or a different film altogether.

In the L.A. Times today a story reveals that they have a pesky "insider" who claims that while Stallone is the driving force behind the sequel, he's not actually going to be directing and their unnamed source who is sworn to almost complete secrecy says he's meeting with directors right now.

Add in the fact that the script has already been written by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman, Kaufman has the credits in writing for Muppets from Space, Space Cowboys, The Missing and Curious George, and this is not the Stallone film we saw with The Expendables.

In some ways that could be good. I didn't enjoy The Expendables as much as everyone else, I thought it was very thin and lacked a great deal, and the promises of the great match ups were very underrated. The meeting of the three big action stars was good, but it was all too short, and the Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren fight scene was typical Hollywood and didn't allow us to see what Li could do. There were many issues with the film, but there were also some strong aspects.

Strongest was the main relationships between Stallone's character and Jason Statham's, the hints of the Mickey Rourke character, and the way the dictator was portrayed. It was all rather interesting.

However it wasn't as good as most people thought, so I want to see another one and more air time for the dream match-up of the eighties action stars, but that may not happen.

Stallone's messages have been mixed, while he's been talking about getting Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and himself more air time, in the article there's a reference to his comment about taking in new characters and reducing the role of the older characters.

Now to me that's a big market miss. The Expendables II becomes another action film without the allure of the older action stars. No, get some more ex-action stars together and build the cast, get the big three back in as the core of the film, and make it bigger with better writing.

Speculation is rife at the moment, but if they abandon the older actors for younger ones, I think the film's in trouble of just getting lost. The flip side is that there's another director about to take up the reigns, so even if they do, perhaps someone can inject life into the action film, Simon West anyone?



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