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The Veteran trailer with Kebbell, Cox and Curran

TheVeteran.jpgI did think of shades of Outlaw when I saw this trailer but from the opening shots it feels more like what Outlaw (Filmstalker review) could have been, and it becomes a harder, more realistic tale.

The film sees a soldier returning from active duty to his home estate and gets drawn into a battle between the police, the intelligence services and the local drug gangs and worse, and it stars Toby Kebbell in the lead backed by Brian Cox and Tony Curran.

There's a great cast list already and the trailer does look strong, giving Toby Kebbell a solid role and providing some powerful moments on camera. I haven't heard much more about the film itself, so here's a different blurb for it.

Soldier Robert Miller returns home from Afghanistan unable to fit back into society. Living on a violent council estate and finding work in undercover surveillance, he becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are intrinsically tied to a suspected terrorist cell. Taking the situation into his own hands, Robert embarks on a brutal quest for justice, with devastating consequences.

From the blurbs and the trailers it looks like he's recruited by the intelligence services to infiltrate the gangs and find the terrorist cell connection hidden amongst them. However from the feel of the closing part of the trailer I'd say something happens and he plans to take things into his own hands, the scenes of him in full soldier mode in the middle of the estate look pretty powerful indeed.

Add in the soundtrack, the characters around him, and The Veteran looks like a strong film from the writer and director Matthew Hope.

Here's the trailer for the film, and it's a good one.

Release wise, The Veteran is hitting the UK on the 29th of April, I assume that won't be hitting mainstream cinemas unfortunately.

I just caught something else interesting about the film while I was doing a little research, according to The Guardian it's co-written by a former soldier who puts his experiences of returning to civilian life into the story. Robert Henry Craft is the man who provided some of his real life experiences for the character.

The article also tells us that the film cost £3.1 million and the release from Revolver Entertainment is backed by Combat Stress, a UK charity specialising in the care of veterans' who return from combat and suffer from mental health issues.

Craft says that the film highlights the problems that too many ex-servicemen are returning home traumatised and not seeking or getting the help they need, and that too many of them end up having to...

"...self-diagnose and self-help, and possibly don't find the best company to do so in."

He goes on to warn that:

"If we're not careful, in 15 years' time we're going to have a lot of ex-soldiers on the streets who are highly trained weaponry-wise, looking to make money."

That sentiment can be seen by some of the actions of the soldier in the trailer for the fictional film The Veteran.

That's now elevated the film to my watch list, never mind the cast of Toby Kebbell, Brian Cox and Tony Curran, a group of hugely talented actors with Cox and Curran both in my personal favourite actor list and Kebbell beginning to creep up there.



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