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Total Recall remake plot expands

TotalRecall.jpgWe've not been hearing much from the Total Recall remake, or rather the re-imagining returning to the source text or whatever they want to call it, but there is news about casting and a little bit of what will be behind the story this time.

The villain is in negotiations right now and the story looks like it's more about political espionage than anything else.

Bryan Cranston is negotiating to play the lead villain of the film, Vilos Cohaagen, the leader of a nation state Euromerica, and you can guess what that name represents, something that I'm not sure a lot of Europeans would be that happy about, mind you at least the Euro part is first, mind you Amerope doesn't sound so good does it?

The story from The Hollywood Reporter also tells us that he is leading Euromerica towards an invasion of New Shanghai under the guise of protecting his people. However his desire is to take them over and, cue echo and reverb, rule the world, not really protect anyone. Well, that's highly original, glad they went back to the source for that.

Colin Farrell is already set to play Douglas Quaid, a factory worker in New Shanghai who begins to believe he is a spy, but then he's not sure which side he's a spy for. Now that part sounds a little more interesting.

There's not much else in the story to give us any more direction for the new Total Recall, but this does look like it's going in a different direction from the original film. Well, that is until we find out more about the story, for this could be the same story just with a different backdrop. Mind you the spy between countries part might be enough change to take the story in another direction.

What do you think of this new Total Recall then?



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