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Hudson talks Lovelace

KateHudson.jpgI have to admit I'm still amazed that Kate Hudson has taken the role of playing the famous porn star Linda Lovelace, the star of Deep Throat who went on to claim all sorts of abuse around the film, dropped her career in the adult industry and became an avid activist against it.

Hudson is synonymous with lightweight romantic comedies that really don't deliver a lot of bite, and yet here she is about to tackle a role so far from what she's done before it looks set to redefine her as an actress.

It's surprising to know that there are two Linda Lovelace films in development, the first is Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story which Lindsay Lohan, the woman now known more for messing up her career and all her missed chances than anything she's actually produced, was set to star in before messing up again and seeing her role passed over to Malin Akerman.

However it looks like it might be this version of the story which is set to make it to the cinema before Inferno, or at least it seems to have a much more directed production and I think has the bigger star attached.

While Malin Akerman is a big name, she's not garnering the attention that Kate Hudson is, and especially if she really does end up starring as Linda Lovelace in the simply titled Lovelace. I think that's a huge leap for the actress, and not because she doesn't have it in her, but because her career to date has been lighter and fluffier than a chocolate bar filled with air bubbles.

Personally I think this could be a superb move for her, although the film has to be good and can't focus too much on the seedy but deliver an uncompromising and non-judgemental story of Lovelace's life, and I mean non-judgemental for all those involved.

The problem is that a Lovelace film could so easily end up becoming an anti-pornography piece rather than the story of her life and what actually happened to her.

Kate Hudson has been talking about the film and delivers a really interesting comment on Linda Lovelace, making me think that this production could actually present the story just right. Here's what she said through Screen Junkies and Latino Review:

"It's a very, very, very heavy script. She had an interesting life. I think the script is really interesting because it's nonlinear in the way it's written. It portrays sort of an outside perspective of what she is and then it sort of takes you through a journey of what really was happening."

Now that first comment does make me think that the film could be a one sided view of events and portray the story just from her perspective, which is fine, but it will be very singular in tone and moral statement. However I do like the idea of the nonlinear storytelling as it sounds as though the film will be a tad more intelligent than most will assume.

The second quote is more interesting:

"As a real person, her life is quite controversial because you don't really know when doing this research and looking into who she really was, she dealt with a lot of abuse and obviously a very difficult childhood which brought her into this world of pornography. But there is still that question of was she really being held at gunpoint to do this or was this really a choice of hers?"

So that final part makes me think that it could well be an unbiased look at her life and the events, and the film might not take a standpoint on either the events or the moralistic view and leave it up to the viewer.

Right now it's hard to tell which way it will go, personally I hope it doesn't become preachy or one sided and that the audience are put in the position to make up their own minds, something I always appreciate in film making.

Either way this is going to be a superb role for Kate Hudson.



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