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Powerful Point Blank (À bout portant) trailer

PointBlank.jpgPoint Blank (À bout portant) comes from thriller director Fred Cavayé who co-wrote with Guillaume Lemans who together also worked on Pour Elle, otherwise known as Anything for Her, which was recently remade into The Next Three Days (Filmstalker review). I actually thought that the Paul Haggis remake was stronger than the original, although Cavayé's direction for the film was very strong, so I was intrigued to see what Point Blank would be like.

The first thing that needs to be said about this film is that it's undoubtedly heading for a remake, so I would recommend catching the original now, even if the remake could be better, and I think it could.

You can read my full review for Point Blank (À bout portant) (Filmstalker Review) right here on Filmstalker, and it's a solid review even if there were moments that I didn't enjoy so much it's a strong thriller, something that can easily be seen from the trailer. Here's my round up of the film from the review:

Point Blank, or À bout portant, is a strong thriller that easily rivals Hollywood thrillers, especially as it takes out the more fantastical and over the top elements that they seem so keen in building up. The characters are engaging, the story has some surprising and enjoyable twists and turns, and if it wasn't for just a few sequences I would be praising this film even more.

As it is though, anyone who enjoys thrillers will enjoy this film, exciting and at times and at others bringing you close to the edge of your seat, it does show that Fred Cavayé is becoming quite a force with the dramatic thriller. I wonder how long it will be before this film is remade, and even before Cavayé is moving to Hollywood.

A good review I thought, although for me there were a few Hollywood moments that spoiled the latter half of the film for me, but then I was really wanting to see a clever and intricate French thriller, but what I got wasn't a bad film nor a bad thriller, something more akin to a Hollywood thriller which many will love.

Here's the blurb for the film:

Everything is going well for Samuel (Gilles Lellouche; Tell Know One/ Sherlock Holmes/ Mesrine/ Little White Lies) and Nadia (Elana Anaya; The Skin I Live In/ Sex and Lucia/ Van Helsing/ Talk to Her/ Mesrine), his beautiful wife. He is studying to become a registered nurse and she is expecting their first child. But everything changes when Nadia is kidnapped right in front of Samuel, who is knocked out cold, trying to stop the kidnapper. When he comes to, his phone is ringing; he has just three hours to get Startet (Roschdy Zem; Just Like a Woman/ The Cold Light of Day), a man who is under police surveillance, out of the hospital. Samuel's destiny, now lays in the hands of Startet, a man who is not only wanted by the police! If Samuel wants to see his wife again, he has to act fast.

Now here's that all important trailer for Point Blank or À bout portant:



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