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Statham joins not so action thriller

JasonStatham.jpgJason Statham is in talks to join Taylor Hackford's next film called Parker, adapted from the series of books by Donald Westlake, the story follows a thief who has an honour and code he works to, his word is his bond, and he only steals from the rich and is, at times, forced to become a killer.

Now that could provide for an interesting dichotomy in the character, or it could become not too far a leap from the Transporter character that we see the actor play all too often.

Taylor Hackford has some strong films in his directing past, and perhaps best known for Ray he has a fair bit of experience of the thriller, and a lot of the character based thriller. So the question could be is the film going Hackford's way or Jason Statham's way, which is so obviously action.

Variety have the original story and suggest that this is going to be a "film noir" type thriller, and Empire who carry the story suggest that this is far from Statham's usual haunts.

I'm not too sure and it does seem like this could go either way, in reality though I expect it will be part thriller, part action and part film noir. More The Mechanic (Filmstalker Review) than the Transporter series I would imagine.

While that suits Jason Statham just fine I do hope for something more from the man, after all The Bank Job (Filmstalker review) showed that there's a lot more to him and he delivered well. Perhaps this is another step towards a career that isn't just about the action man, although to be fair he's damn good at that role.

The most interesting part of this story is not just that Taylor Hackford is directing but that the script has been adapted from the Donald Westlake novels (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) by John J. McLaughlin. Who's that you might ask, well he's a co-writer of Black Swan (Filmstalker review). Now this is getting interesting.



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