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Super 8 interactive game trailer

Super8.jpgThere's a lot of excitement going around about the Super 8 interactive game trailer that has been sold along with the videogame Portal 2, and while it's an interesting idea there's not a lot to actually do in the trailer, and I do wonder how much you can discern from the clues within.

The filmed walkthrough of the trailer gives us a good idea of what's in the trailer, even if we don't have the time to read all the clues, and while it's not too in depth for Super 8, I do wonder if this could be a great new marketing tool.

Basically the people behind Super 8 have taken a 3D game engine and dropped in some locations from the Super 8 film, mainly the inside of a train car and then the train wreck post explosion where you can wander around a little, catch some clues about the film itself, and watch that scene where the door of the train carriage is blown off as something appears and begins screaming.

It's a really nice interactive trailer and it could be a new trend in film marketing. Have a look at a walkthrough that the site Kotaku made:

It's rather nice isn't it? I do wish there was more to it though, however do bear in mind this is just the beginning. Think of the possibilities of multiple sets from a film placed in a game engine and delivering interactive scenes from a film, I think it could provide for some enjoyment as well as getting people clued in.

There's plenty that could be exploited for it, maybe even bringing a little snippet of game play to a few scenes from a film and opening up the ability to walk around the environments. I could go for this kind of trailer, and it would be really effective with those who have a PlayStation 3 or Xbox360 at home to download and play, never mind the PC audience.

Could this work as a future marketing tool?



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