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Will Arnie return to the Terminator franchise?

Terminator.jpgIt's almost too fantastic to believe, but the news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger's agency are what's called "shopping a package" to studios that includes Arnie as part of a new Terminator film.

That sounds great, but the rights are still held by the hedge fund who shut down Halcyon, the company who owned the franchise rights, and successfully bid to keep the film rights away from the Sony and Lionsgate joint bid. So will it happen?

We've heard the news that Justin Lin is considering directing the film and now that the agency for Arnold Schwarzenegger is actively trying to secure him a returning role, but not only are there no deals and there no writer, there's no studio.

The rights remain with Pacificor and right now a deal hasn't been made with them to make a new Terminator film, so to say the idea is in the early stages is quite the understatement.

The good news though, and The Hollywood Reporter picks up on this in their story, is that Schwarzenegger is keen to return to the franchise, his agency are selling him as a part of a future Terminator project and are seeking a returning role for him, should there be a new Terminator film.

That's the only stumbling block right now, for that new Terminator film is going to cost a lot of money indeed and Pacificor have to pay Halcyon US $5 million for every Terminator film made as well as make their own profit as they are the new rights holders, all that is tagged on to the price of the film before they've even started.

Of course going to them with the deal of a returning original Terminator and the continually growing action director Justin Lin is surely going to get whichever studio takes up the idea a lot of leeway. Yet we still need a great script and a way for Arnie to return.

Will it happen?



I was anticipating your response to this, what with knowing you're a Terminator fan and all...

Great news indeed, but I shall be keeping a close eye on who will be taking on writing duties. T3 didn't really try and Salvation tried too much to capture the magic Cameron gave us with T1 & T2. As a fan I would like to see a studio interest in William Wisher's treatment.

I have to say though, Salvation did a damn good job didn't it?

However I agree, if they are going to capture the Terminator feeling again, bringing on Arnie and Wisher's script is the best idea.

William Wisher, for those of you who don’t know, worked on The Terminator script and wrote Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and before Terminator: Salvation he wrote treatments for a fifth and a sixth film with a role, or more, for a returning Arnie. Neither has been picked up by the studios but the word is that both are strong.

Salvation was good, but I find it the least enjoyable to watch out of the four films.

Justin Lin seems to be doing well with Fast Five, so hopefully more news on a fifth Terminator movie will pick up some momentum very soon.


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