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Akira loses director

Akira.jpgThere has been a lot said about Akira and yet we've seen little transpire, with stars rumoured to be coming and going and the development of the live action version of the film still said to moving forward, and all this time the director has remained attached, until now.

Warner Brothers Albert Hughes was set to direct the film which recently had its latest script update from Steve Kloves, however now Hughes has left the film and the future is a little more uncertain.

There's no reason given or word on where the project is going from here, and while changes like this are common during the early days of development usually we hear announcements keeping the project going and talking of the momentum and the direction, not so here.

Variety and Twitch have the story that tells us little about the facts behind it, but that is the second director that has been attached to the project, Ruairi Robinson was the first, who has now moved on.

While I do think a lot of this is around the usual development process, script goes through rewrites, directors read them, decide if they will stay, maybe commit to seeing what they can do with the script and for the studio and producers to see how they fare with rewrites, it is starting to look like the live action Akira might be struggling to get made now that Albert Hughes has left the film.

There's a lot of opinion about this version and that it shouldn't be made unless it's the original source text, it's the usual story and one we see in reverse when Hollywood announces that it's about to remake a film by going back to the source text. However the more I've thought about the changes they are discussing the more interesting it's seemed.

Sure they could make a CG massive film solely on the source text, although then the question would be how much of it really ends up as "live action", but thinking about what they're planning does make the story sound rather interesting.

The idea is that New York has been ravaged by war and Japan, the richest economy around, bought the land and has developed it into New Tokyo. Already this brings about a lot of questions and ideals that could be interesting to explore, what does this say politically? It's a financial takeover of America piece by piece, as it tears itself apart so Japan takes it over.

This is where the new Akira story would begin, a mix of cultures and politics, and probably a clash of them too, bringing about gangs and lawlessness, and the front line of an economic led invasion. Then we get the Akira story, but perhaps rather different from the one we're used to seeing.



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