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British prison film Ghosted gets a trailer

JohnLynch.jpgA new British film has just released a trailer, Ghosted stars John Lynch, Martin Compston, David Schofield and Art Malik and comes from first time feature writer and director Craig Viveiros. Some good names there, but what interests me is that it's a British take on the prison film and will tell the story of a prisoner just trying to keep his head down and survive his sentence.

However his wife has just dumped him on the anniversary of the death of their young son, and to add to his growing troubles a young prisoner has just been thrown into the prison and becomes a focus of the psychotic prisoner in charge of the wing, and it looks like he decides to intervene and try and protect him.

The film is due to be available in cinemas, and surprisingly forward thinking for the film industry, on demand and for download on June 24th with a DVD release coming just three days after. Now that's much more audience friendly, although I couldn't see Hollywood allowing that to happen could you?

Ghosted looks interesting, although I think I need more story to the trailer yet to understand if this is more than a television film which this trailer does suggest. Still, British television and film have produced some great films together, films and mini-series that Hollywood has decided to copy or remake, so Ghosted could well have some tricks up its sleeve.

Here's the trailer which comes through Empire.



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