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Cars 2 trailer online

Cars2.jpgCars wasn't really a film that set me alight, although it had all the needed tick boxes to make it work I just thought it was Doc Hollywood with cars instead of people, and since I really liked that film I didn't take to Cars that well.

So Cars 2 doesn't hold a lot of excitement for me, apart from some of the set-ups and the fact that Michael Caine is voicing one of the characters, him and Lewis Hamilton of course. So here's the new trailer in the hope that it'll get my excitement going enough to go and watch it.

That said, I know there are lots of fans out there already, like my nephews. I know they loved Cars so here's a new trailer for them, and they'll no doubt love a mention, here you go Callum and Keir.

There's plenty of new stuff in here for fans of the first, but I wonder if this is going to be capturing new fans that aren't kids?

Here's the new trailer for Cars 2 through Coming Soon that you can also see on Apple Trailers:



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