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Fast and Furious Six will happen

FastFive.jpgThat's not just me saying that, it's Justin Lin the director, and anyway Vin Diesel has been saying it for some time, pretty much as soon as the script arrived for Fast & Furious 5 (Fast Five) he was saying that it set things up nicely for another film.

If you stayed to see the end credits scene then you'll know exactly what he means, although I do think he was also referring to the newly created relationship between the Dwayne Johnson character and his own, something that would play out well in future films.

There's also something else to consider. Fast & Furious 5 aka Fast Five, which I really need to get a move on and write the review for now that I have a working computer again, was quite a bit different from the previous films in the franchise, there was a lot more story and character than cars, and while that might be a disappointment to those hoping for more car action, it certainly delivered in other areas, of that there's no doubt. I think Fast Five was up there with the best of the series so far.

Now it would appear that the box office takings agree and have sealed the fate for the franchise, a sixth film, one that will be very difficult to fit a name into...How does six or sixth work with Fast and Furious?!

Justin Lin told USA Today through The Hollywood Reporter that the film was on.

"After this big weekend, we're going forward... It's pretty much 100%. It's going to happen."

Quick reality analysis, something I do like doing here rather than going off and taking meaning from words that isn't there, "pretty much" doesn't mean "100%". However I don't think that any film hits a hundred percent this early, not really.

We already know that Chris Morgan has set-up a sixth film, and that with his two-year deal with Universal he's on to the Fast and Furious Six film already, and I don't believe there's any stopping the franchise right now. I actually don't think that the sixth will be the end either. Even producer Neal Moritz has been saying they're going for another.

With the direction of Fast Five moving away from the cars somewhat, the relationship between Dwayne Johnson's character and Vin Diesel's taking that interesting turn near the end, and the final closing credits scene introducing a new character and a big surprise for fans of the franchise, it is at its strongest ever, and to me that means more than one film.



Always loved Vin Diesel. Definetly going to watch this as I love heist flicks. I like the direction the franchise seems to be taking with Fast Five, especially considering how bad the first three movies are.

"final closing credits scene introducing a new character" If you are referring to Eva Mendez's character. She isn't a new character..she was in 2 fast 2 furious.

Aha! Now I totally forgot that, even having seen the film, although to be fair I did think it was the weakest of the series and never really made much of an impression with me.

Well spotted Jim. So do you want the series to continue now and do you like the new direction?

Loved all the movies, though I think this one is my favorite so far. Can't wait for a sixth to come out and I diffidently hope there is more then one more film to be released. Thanks for the details. :)

Seriously...give it up....the fast and furious movies are becoming lamer and lamer....they dont even make sence...how can u have the asian dude go to europe and say he never been to tokyo when he was in tokyo drift....you people lost me after part two....the movies dont make any sence after part one....

your an idiot. tokyo drift takes place after all those movies. retart. lol people are so stupid. cuz the asian dude was in the begining of the 4th movie.

Well i hope the next movie doesn't focus much in doing or completing a huge job but by mixing it with racing and a huge job. Oh yeah add more cars like in 2 fast 2 furios :).fr

It was awesome but next time try not to focus the actors in accomplishing a huge job. Add more racing, cars, and the huge job :).

keep the asian. and do start to make a movie after tokyo drift. but Han should stay we can say he didnt die and go out of DK's mob. because at the end of tokyo drift Dom is there. so Han got away with Dom. but the next one shoud be befor tokyo and of they make one after that then it should be after tokyo.

for the guy whos comment is first out of all comments on this page....shut up the 1st 3 movies were not lame. you wanna know whats lame? you! shur ur mouth kid

I think a new fast and the furious is possible becuz of how they show in the end that they think Letty is still alive and are interested in finding her so i think another Fast and the furious will be a good idea so continuing the series would be best i they did that.


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