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Horrible Bosses trailer surprises

JenniferAniston.jpgWhen I fired up the trailer for Horrible Bosses I was expecting something that just hits all the beats of the usual American comedies, I was sure that there was going to be projectile vomiting, sex jokes, comedy about going to the toilet, and obviously the small, repetitive joke time and time again.

The surprise was that it didn't happen. I actually liked the premise of Horrible Bosses and enjoyed it, I actually laughed.

Horrible Bosses tells the story of three friends who work for different employers, each with a terrible boss, and bosses that are getting worse and worse, so badly that their employees have had enough and decided that they will band together and kill them.

Of course this all comes out of a drunken night where they meet an ex-con who tells them exactly what they need to do to make their plan come true, they believe him, but in the cold light of day it all seems a little crazy.

That is until the bosses get even worse and they just can't take it anymore.

What's more are the names involved, so Seth Gordon is directing, but in front of the camera there's Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeiskis as the employers, but it's the bosses that have me captured - Colin Farrell looking very different, Kevin Spacey making me think of the excellent performance and film I just watched Swimming With Sharks, and the surprise inclusion of Jennifer Aniston.

I'm actually thinking, from this trailer anyway, that I could go and see this American comedy and enjoy it. Am I wrong?



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