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Jolie reveals she wants Cleopatra and a director

AngelinaJolie.jpgIt seems these days that big projects are spending much more time in the speculation zone of pre-production well before it actually gets to the point of pre-production never mind production, Cleopatra is such a film. It's been through so much speculation and we're still waiting to see what really happens, however if Angelina Jolie really is going to lead then she's already got her say in who she wants to direct.

Who she's looking for is a big name director, and someone who has already been associated with the project. More than that he would bring an interesting slant to the project and definitely take it far from any Cleopatra role we might have seen before.

The director's name is David Fincher, and as she spoke about the film it sounded as though she was pretty clear what she wanted for the film, and for her leading role.

Angelina Jolie was speaking to MTV through The Playlist, and while David Fincher's name has been used before in relation to the project so have many other directors including Paul Greengrass and James Cameron, see some of the previous stories on the film.

The story of Cleopatra is an epic one and will undoubtedly court a huge budget and will be a scary prospect for any studio and financer attached, no matter how much Jolie wants the director and how much he wants to make the film, I'm really uncertain if it will actually get made.

Putting that to the side for the moment I do think that Angelina Jolie would be a great choice for the role and David Fincher would provide a unique view of the woman, combining that with the text that the film is adapted from, Stacy Schiff's historical biography called Cleopatra: A Life (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), it could turn out to be quite the epic, but is it too expensive a proposition for Hollywood right now?



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