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Monsters sequel gains directors

Monsters.jpgWe knew it was coming, but did it really have to come? Gareth Edwards' excellent film Monsters (Filmstalker review) is going to get a sequel and the step closer has arrived with the announcement of the two directors for the sequel. The good news though is that Edwards will be an Executive Producer, and hopefully with a say in the production making sure it doesn't veer too far from his original vision.

Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas are directing while Edwards moves onto another monster film, Godzilla, so it doesn't feel like he'll be too involved, and the comment from one of Vertigo's executives is rather worrying.

There are positives in that the six month shoot is planned to carry a lower budget of under US $5 million, and that Vertigo are praising the two new directors. However it's the other comment that worries me.

One of the strengths of Monsters (Filmstalker review) was that we didn't see the Monsters, in fact the film was really about so many other things than the monsters, borders, immigration, relationships, understanding, and so on, not so much the monsters, although they did play a large part of it near the end.

Now that seems like it's going to change, for Allan Niblo of Vertigo Films through Screen Daily and The Playlist promises us...

"...lots more creatures..."

Okay. So without a script or anything we're hearing they've already decided there's going to be more monsters, one of the smaller aspects of the film. It wasn't really about the Monsters...well, unless I got the whole story wrong.

To be fair he does have some positives about the film:

"We wouldn't have done it if we didn't find the right talent [in the two new directors]. Gareth loves their vision. People want to see more of this world..."

I definitely do want to see more of the world, but what I want is a similarly strong film, one that concentrates on more than the monsters themselves and packs a strong core of a story behind it.



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