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New Green Lantern trailer

GreenLantern.jpgHow many of these are we seeing? I'm getting a little confused, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure that we haven't seen this one already. Well that was for the first few sequences where I was thinking that it might be a different cut, then all the new footage hits, and there's a fair amount of new footage.

The effects on Earth are looking really good, although I'm not sure about the effects for the humanoid aliens on the Green Lantern planet, but I'm going with it because it does look like a lot of fun so far.

There's a lot of story and background here, trying to get us up to speed with the Green Lantern, after all he's not the most popular of superheroes, and he doesn't share the wide appeal that the others we've seen to date do, but I don't think that's going to hold him back.

Other good news for the trailer is that there's plenty of new footage and more of the big villain in the film, although I am uncertain if there's a big spoiler that remains in the trailer from previous about the fate of another character...it's short, and it may not be a spoiler, perhaps I'm just over sensitive to these things nowadays.

This is a strong introduction trailer and I'm surprised they didn't release this one first to introduce everyone to the story of Green Lantern, it's a powerful one and works really well.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies in high definition, but here it is below in the annoying Yahoo Movies player through Collider. Watch for those ending adverts.



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