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New Real Steel trailer gives more story

RealSteel.jpgThe new trailer for Real Steel, the robot boxing film starring Hugh Jackman, tells us a different side to the film, one that's about the father and son relationship and a lot less about the robot boxing side. It also gives us a little taste of the robot they find to fight in the ring, and we discover that to begin with it's the son who finds and prepares the robot for the ring.

With the ex-boxer turned robot boxing promoter having realised that he has a son and that his dreams of winning with robots in the ring have been quashed, he decides to invest time in this robot for his kid, and the surprise is that it starts to win.

I like the fact that there's a strong relationship in the core of this film, and that it would seem that the father hasn't his heart in the ring with the robot, just that he's doing it for his kid, until it starts winning that is, but right now it's feeling like two different stories.

I am really curious to see how the two come together on screen and work out in film, but for now, in this new trailer, they look pretty good, and with Hugh Jackman leading there's an obvious reason to like it straight up.

Here's the new trailer for Real Steel which you can see in Quicktime high definition over at Yahoo.



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