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New Super 8 TV adverts

Super8.jpgThere are two new Super 8 television adverts that have appeared online and they set-up the film for us, the mysterious nature, and I can tell you that they do manage to keep the story and the monster well hidden and just set things up nicely for us.

What I think is becoming clear is that there is definitely a monster here, and the tone of the film looks pretty strong. I do love the opening moment though, every time I see that truck and the sign I am thinking of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, one of my favourite films.

Both adverts are short but both have new footage that hasn't been seen yet, and the really good news is that none of it appears to be spoilers. My anticipation levels are rising for this film, and mostly because of the fact that it is meant to be a homage to Steven Spielberg films, will J.J. Abrams pull that part off? Well even if he doesn't then we're still looking to get a strong science fiction monster film out of this.

If you haven't heard the plot by now it's pretty simple, some kids are out filming for a short film and witness a train accident, their camera captures some salient points, like there's something big and scary that was locked in the train that escaped and is now threatening the local neighbourhood, and the kids are caught up in the middle of it.

Some of these scenes look great, so let me stop yapping and hand you over.

Here's the first advert that comes through /Film and First Showing:

Here's the second which appears on Yahoo Movies through First Showing:

Did I say I was in? Surely that has you captured too?



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