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Red Riding film gains writer

RedRiding.jpgI just recently watched Red Riding, and while I might have been a little uncomfortable with the idea of mixing a fictional story so closely to a real life serial killer case that so affected the country, it was really well written and brought to the screen with some superb performances throughout. In fact I thought the entire lead cast was excellent.

So the thought of a Hollywood remake would normally not be a welcome one, but then it is Ridley Scott who is behind the film and will direct so the British influence isn't entirely lost from David Pearce's four novels about the story.

The writer chosen to adapt the work seems a really good choice as well as he's the writer of Zodiac, a film about a serial killer which features many different characters and is set over a period of time which feels very close to the outline of this story.

However there are obvious differences which will be interesting to see how they get tackled when they come to the big screen version. However James Vanderbilt does have the credentials to tackle the story, I just hope that there's nothing silly planned like bringing the story to an American setting.

No such hint of any foul deed such as that, and with Ridley Scott in charge I would hope he's keen to keep it based right where the story unfolds, Yorkshire between 1974 and 1983. The four novels and the British mini-series span different years throughout that period, focussing on different lead characters but seeing characters come and go throughout the series.

It tells the story of a string of horrible murders of girls around a small town, of police corruption and possible involvement, of the investigations by police and journalists, and of the local people pulled in and affected by the events.

It's a pretty bleak and harsh story that has some surprises and shocks along the way and a host of excellent actors, which begs the question. What will the remake do? Will Scott be tempted to look to some of the excellent cast from the mini-series? I would think he should, after all many of them are film actors as well as television, and I think there would be an outcry if he tried to fill it with American actors sporting Yorkshire accents!

The British mini-series of Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 and Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983 featured such names as David Morrissey, Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, Jim Carter, John Henshaw, Mark Addy, and more.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us little more than James Vanderbilt is on the case, something which I would view as positive news. Now we need to find out what other plans Ridley Scott has for the series, for there are still many questions such as will it be more than one?



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