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Salvation Boulevard trailer looks fantastic

SalvationBoulevard.jpgOkay, where did this come from? Back in February 2010 I did write about Pierce Brosnan and Ed Harris starring in the film that adapted the Larry Beinhart book called Salvation Boulevard (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), Beinhart was the author of the insightful and rather cutting film Wag the Dog.

It looked like this film was to religion what Wag the Dog was to politics, and it was going to be funny, eye opening, and perhaps a little too cutting for those in the profession. For the rest of us it promised a great film. Then I forgot about it and everything went quiet, until this trailer.

Now we hear that it's not just Pierce Brosnan and Ed Harris, but there's Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei, Greg Kinnear, Ciarán Hinds, Howard Hesseman and Jim Gaffigan, and that's a big cast for a film that looks set to start poking fun at the cults/fundamentalist religions and self-made preachers that run them.

The story follows a member of the cult, oh sorry I mean religious group, played by Kinnear who has turned his life around from being nothing to following the charismatic leader of the "religious group" played by Brosnan.

He meets the leader while he's talking with a famous author and sceptic, played by Harris, who is suggesting to him that they co-write a book bantering on both sides of the religious argument - take note Richard Dawkins, this could actually be a good idea! - however the leader kills the author and Kinnear's character sees it all.

It looks like he tries to remain quiet at first, but before long he's telling people about what happened and the leader is trying to destroy his credibility, and all the while mayhem ensues around them.

Sounds interesting, but the great thing is seeing some of these big actors in it giving great performances, and this is just the trailer. Brosnan looks great for the role, and it's something very different, meanwhile the gorgeous Connelly is going to town on religious anger, while the equally fantastic Tomei eggs her on.

There are some cool moments in it and I'm really fascinated by the story. Count me in, and with these actors involved how can you say no?

Here's the trailer for Salvation Boulevard from Yahoo Movies through The Playlist:



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