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Terminator films to go ahead

Terminator.jpgWe could be seeing new Terminator films after all as after a strong bidding race a deal has been made for at least two more Terminator films to be made with Justin Lin directing and Arnold Schwarzenegger returning.

Producer Megan Ellison has won the rights over some healthy competition, and with The Wettest Country in the World, the hunt for Osama Bin Laden film, which is hitting a rewrite obviously, and the worldwide distribution rights to The Master as three of her most notable projects, she's well placed to put up the money for more Terminators.

So Megan Ellison and her company have them. What does that mean? Well it means that two more Terminator films will be going into development as we speak, and things are coming together as this is close on the heels of the announcement that Arnold Schwarzenegger would return to the franchise, and his agents have even put together a package for him to do just that which had been doing the rounds of the studios.

I wonder if this was the deciding factor for many to start looking to the franchise again? The question now will be where are the scripts coming from? The story from Deadline doesn't have that information, but if we think back we know there is a treatment and an outline for two more Terminator films from someone who was very involved in the conception of the franchise.

I wrote about it back in February of 2010 when it was revealed that William Wisher had just developed ideas for two new Terminator films. Now if you aren't aware who Wisher is, he's the man who was involved in the writing of the first script.

He's credited with "additional dialogue" however it would seem he was a little more involved than that and was a co-writer for the second in the series. Cleverly though he walked away from the third film and has stayed away, until that is he came up with some new treatments.

Back then the news was that he had written a twenty-four page treatment for a new film with a page concept for a sequel. There's obviously been more work done since then, but will these be the two scripts we see going forward?

The setting for the first film of Wisher's treatments is post-apocalyptic Earth, it will have time travel so that Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese would be connected in some way once again, it did have a role for Arnie to return to which was billed as a change that was as surprising has his change from bad Terminator to good Terminator.

All that sounded fantastic, and there were rumours at the time that the Arnie role would see him returning as the human creator of the Terminators, hence the shape and face.

If that was the script they were using without change we would see the return of Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton.

I don't really think that would happen though, there's a long way for a treatment to get to a final script with many writers in the way, and we don't even know if Wisher's treatments would be the ones to make it through. However I think it's a good guess.

With two films on the first step of production, Arnie back - didn't he say he would be? - and a director on board, surely the next logical step would be to call Wisher?



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