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The Flaw trailer looks at the financial crisis

TheFlaw.jpgThere's a trailer for The Flaw, a film from the director of In the Shadow of the Moon (Filmstalker review) which was an excellent documentary, however I'm not so sure that this film will be able to compare.

The Flaw looks at the financial crisis as well as the capitalism in the recent years and looks like it could be spanning so much more than one documentary can handle, and yet coming from David Sington I have a lot of hope for it.

This is not a simple topic to cover, but David Sington proved how emotional and stirring he can make interviews with a small group of men capture your heart and make you feel emotions that perhaps we'll never feel again as we enter an era of less and less manned space flight. In the Shadow of the Moon (Filmstalker review) was a superb documentary and I'm hoping for great things from The Flaw too, but the scope just seems so huge.

People all over the world are still struggling with the aftermath of the greatest financial crisis since the Wall Street Crash of 1929. We all know what the effects have been but what exactly were the causes? The Flaw ranges widely across the history of American capitalism in the twentieth century, its rigor laced with sardonic humor and peopled with a cast of characters that spans Nobel-prize winning economists and distressed home owners to the New York Times financial correspondent on the brink of foreclosure and the Wall Street banker who feels the pain encoded in his spreadsheets. The film argues that the roots of the crisis lie in the changing relationship between the rich and the rest in American society.

It does seem to be rather vast in the blurb, but the trailer brings it down a little and I'm sure through the interviews and his ability to make them feel so personal and to connect with the audience it will become much more accessible. That said, there's aren't all going to be engaging people who are taking about a subject that so easily connects with people and sparks emotion as pioneering astronauts.

Here's the trailer that comes from The Guardian, unfortunately there's no embed option so you'll have to head there to see it.

It's definitely worth a look, but I'm still uncertain as to whether he'll be able to make this connect with audiences and help them understand such a big topic, after all in the UK we're still preoccupied with trying to blame one man for everything that went wrong.



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