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Thor sequel with Branagh directing?

KennethBranagh.jpgFirst of all let's be clear, Thor is not a comeback for Kenneth Branagh, it's something new he's done in a different direction to where he's been before. He's not been in superhero Hollywood blockbuster territory, and he's shown he's a master of it delivering a fantastic film with Thor.

So the news that he's considering returning for more and that there are going to be more films about Thor is fantastic news, but this is not a comeback, nor is it a "make or break moment" as The Hollywood Reporter suggest.

While some are happy to band around comments such as "commercial failure" about some of Kenneth Branagh's other projects and label those films and the actor/writer/director as a failure himself, I am quite happy to shake my head and disagree. Sure his films haven't been raking in the audiences and money in multiplexes around the world, but if that were the criteria then a lot of the lauded independent writers and directors we see should also be shouted down for being failures.

Henry V; Dead Again; Peter's Friends; Much Ado About Nothing; Frankenstein; In the Bleak Midwinter; Hamlet; Love's Labour's Lost; As You Like It; The Magic Flute; Sleuth; Thor

Those are the films he's directed, and personally I would say three weren't great, but failures? No, and even if I did think they were, that's three out of twelve.

Do I have to talk about the quality of some of those films as well? Do I really have to remind you of the Shakespearean adaptations? Then let's not forget the acting he's been doing in the last few years, with Wallander sticking out the most.

Failure? Hardly. I wish I was having that kind of failure, as do many a director and writer.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter he responded to the question of if Thor was a success would he commit to more Hollywood films, and he said:


Simple as that. They are rather surprised that he's so unperturbed whether or not the film flops, and I'm not, and I respect him for that. Commercial success does not a good film make, just turn your eyes to the conveyor belt of romantic and comedy films coming out of Hollywood, forgotten after three days in the box office by audiences and studios.

Anyway, let's get off this and move on. There are going to be more Thor films. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly through Digital Spy (who have no link for the originating story) and The Guardian, he apparently said:

"I am not sure I am done with Thor's universe, or if it is done with me...

...You can think of stuff for two or three later, if you get the chance to do them. But you won't if one isn't good enough."

One is good enough, more than that it's turned out to be one of the best superhero films around and there is indeed talk of a sequel. Kevin Feige of Marvel has already stated that a second Thor film is already being planned, although it does look like The Avengers is going to teak the lead before then.

So we can expect Thor, the cast, and Kenneth Branagh back for Thor 2 sometime after The Avengers, if The Avengers doesn't flop and scare the studios away and I have a great concern that the film will have some serious problems trying to pack too many leading characters into one film and giving no time for any development, something that Thor had plenty of, more than your average superhero film.



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