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30 Minutes or Less trailer

JesseEisenberg.jpgThe trailer for 30 Minutes or Less is rather manic, but it's all in a good way, really. The film sees Jesse Eisenberg playing a pizza delivery guy (hence the title) who has a bomb strapped to him and is told to rob a bank by two masked men otherwise they'll blow him up.

Of course it turns out that robbing the bank isn't that easy and he and his friend get into a ton of trouble on the way, with (and I'm probably quoting from some press release here) hilarious consequences. Well, we hope they are hilarious.

Saying that though the trailer for 30 Minutes or Less does look like it could be a lot of fun, there's some humour in there that's not the average comedy, and it looks like it's going to go at a frantic pace.

Here's the blurb for the film.

"Two cash-strapped criminals decide to plan a bank robbery using a hapless pizza boy named Nick. Nick is abducted and fitted with a time-bomb vest, giving him nine hours to do the deed. In desperation Nick turns to his former friend Chet, who is currently furious at Nick for sleeping with his sister. Chet gets entangled in the disaster despite his better judgment, and the two of them have to get past their differences if they want to steer clear of cops and hit men."

Now for the trailer for 30 Minutes or Less which did rather surprise me.



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