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Lucky trailer looks bizarrely good

ColinHanks.jpgLucky stars Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers and Ann-Margaret, and from that cast list you might think it's going to be some average fare, but when you watch the trailer and read the blurb you do feel a little strange, this isn't what you might have expected, not at all.

Lucky looks rather bizarre from this trailer but at the same time it does seem to promise a rather interesting and entertaining story.

The film sees a man winning the lottery and pursuing his life-long crush who is suddenly very keen on him, after all he's worth eighty million dollars. There is one problem though; he's just started his chosen career of serial killer.

Here's the official blurb for Lucky.

"It seems like a dream come true when Ben Keller wins the Iowa state lottery… but for everyone else in his life, it's the beginning of darkly comic nightmare. With 80 million dollars at his disposal, Ben has the newfound confidence to pursue his life-long crush, Lucy St. Martin. But can all the money in the world compensate for the fact that Ben is a fledgling serial killer? As their relationship spirals out of control, and the body count rises, Lucy and Ben do all they can to survive love, marriage… and each other."

Now here's the trailer, and while it starts out seeming like it might cover well trodden paths, keep with it for things start turning strange pretty soon.

Colin Hanks really is carving his own way in film and he's doing it well, Lucky looks to be another strong step in his career.



Great! - Awfully interesting cheers, I believe your current followers would certainly want a good deal more reviews like that keep up the great effort - Cheers


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