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Update: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol trailer in English

MI-GhostProtocol.jpgThe trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol has hit and it's looking good. I like the idea that the IMF (I always want to say IVF to start with) are being disbanded, and once again, as in the original, Ethan Hunt's team are being blamed for something they didn't do, something big.

He's being helped by some other members of IMF, as well as his current team although there's no Ving Rhames in sight, and together it looks like they are going to clear their names and perhaps bring the IMF back at the same time. Then throw in the merest glimpses of some amazing stunts, and that's your trailer.

Normally this would get a slating for not having much story in it, but bear these following list of words in mind:

Mission: Impossible franchise
The theme tune
Tom Cruise
Brad Bird
J.J. Abrams
Jeremy Renner

That's a list of words I don't mind seeing all together, and if the merest of stories is hinted at, I'm just fine with that, I think I know what's coming. Don't you?

This trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the trailer we saw yesterday but in English.

Update:The trailer has now arrived in Quicktime high-definition over at Apple Trailers, allowing you to walk through the trailer in a much slower speed and try and catch some of those fast fade out scenes.



I kinda watched this trailer half-willingly. I wasn't impressed with MI:III, not that it was a complete stinker; I think it was a pretty mild while somewhat entertaining action movie but I have to say this trailer has got me interested enough to justify a rental.

I'm not holding my breath for anything as well crafted as the Brian De Palma original but still it might be worth a look.

Without a doubt none of them have matched the first and they have veered more towards the action/adventure realm. However I've still found them hugely entertaining and they've delivered each time, albeit in different ways.

I'm hopeful that this one will step back a bit towards the first but retain the action/adventure at a high level.

Maybe it's just the whole franchise that has me excited more than anything.

I kinda liked John Woo's MI:II, although Ethan Hunt was made closer to Tony Jaa meets stuntman Mike. If they can manage to come up with a balance of the original movie's wit, the second movie's edge of your seat action (without going overboard with motorcycle wheely duels) while making you care for the characters like the third(and first) movie... it could be great.

Admittedly, I haven't seen the movies in quite a while so my recollection might be wrong.

Okay the motorcycle head on duel is rather silly, and I saw a hint of something similar with cars in the trailer for this new one, but hopefully it won't be as cheesy.


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