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New Stake Land trailer pokes fun at Twilight

StakeLand.jpgI love the new trailer for Stake Land, well more than anything I love the introduction for not only poking fun at Twilight fans but telling them that they should leave all that behind and come to the adult world of vampires.

There are some funny lines in it, although the opening few shots had me confused as they were all misty, ethereal and overly romantic, but that's just to lull in those Twilighters to show them all what a real vampire film looks like, and that's what it looks like we're getting from Stake Land.

It is as though Jim Mickle and Nick Damici have come along after watching Zombieland (Filmstalker review) and pulled that together with the more serious end of the world films like I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and come up with Stake Land.

The film looks great because it's capturing the core of the story that seems to do so well throughout all these end of the world films, one or two people up against the rest of the world to find sanctuary through a devastated country. Stake Land looks as though it's going to deliver some bite to the story and bring us back the real vampires, you know the ones who die in light, who bite people for food, who aren't civilised and fall in love with their source of life, those kind of vicious creatures.

Welcome to Stake Land kids. Here's the new trailer.



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