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Escape From New York remake escapes remake?

SnakePilskin.jpgIt looks like the plans for that Escape From New York remake, the one that had Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and even apparently Tom Hardy interested in taking up the role of Snake Plissken, have fallen through and the remake will be no more.

Well when I say no more, it will be no more at New Line and Warner Bros. who have let the option rights to remake the film lapse, and that means some other studio could easily pick them up and run with them, but will they?

Escape From New York saw a post-apocalyptic New York turned into a walled, maximum security prison where prisoners are sent over the wall and left to their own devices. The President's plane has to take a detour over the prison and crashes right in the middle of it and he's taken hostage by the prisoners.

The guards realise if they head inside the walls they'll be massacred, and so they recruit a convict called Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russell, to head into the city and recover the President. If he doesn't make it back or misses the deadline, a collar around his neck will explode and kill him, if he does make it, he'll receive a pardon.

The film is co-written and directed by John Carpenter, and with his name on the rise again in Hollywood remakes seem to be springing up around him, but this one has proven a little elusive.

It's a difficult remake because it is such a great film and Russell makes such a great Snake, and I think that's where it's slipped up, trying to create a new vision of the society without falling back to the old story or hitting clichés.

New Line and Warner Bros. haven't managed it according to Deadline, and they were trying with Breck Eisner, who I would say successfully brought a remake of The Crazies (Filmstalker review)) to us, and a script that was worked on by Allan Loeb and Jamie Moss. You have to look at that and wonder why it couldn't work, especially if Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy were names associated with the role at some point.

So what of the film now? Is it set never to be remade or will another studio pick it up? I think if The Thing prequel shows that it can hold its own someone will pick it up for a remake, but is that the right thing to do? Can they really find a new Snake and bring him a new Escape?



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