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Kill List trailer

KillList.jpgI didn't really know much about Kill List until I saw this trailer and then saw the praise appearing from sites across the internet that have seen it and rate it very highly. It seems to be a praised as a very powerful film that has captured a lot of comments as one of the best of the year, so far of course.

It certainly does look powerful and interesting, although it's clearly a low budget film it doesn't exude that through the trailer, it does look like it's wholly focused on the characters.

Here's the blurb for Kill List.

Ex-soldier-turned-hit-man Jay hasn't worked in months and his unemployment and general lack of social graces are taking its toll on his marriage. Then his pal Gal comes up with an assignment for a mysterious client who slowly doles out their targets one at a time. But as the hits progress so does Jay's increasing bloodlust. Soon, the act of killing becomes less a job and more an act of sadistic righteousness - until Jay's already tenuous moral compass spirals out of all control and the rediscovery of his true nature causes a descent into total hell.

You can see the trailer right here.

It's co-written and directed by Ben Wheatley, at which point I have to say I've written an untruth at the beginning of the article, I've actually written about this film before when I heard that the plot was about a group of contract killers coming across devil worshippers, and you can certainly see a glimpse of that in the trailer, but the story throughout seems to suggest it's just about an ex-soldier that goes madder and madder while working as a contract killer. Either way it looks interesting.



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