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Boxleitner says TRON 3 happening

BruceBoxleitner.jpgWell yes, Bruce Boxleitner does say that the third TRON film is happening as it's a done deal, and he does say that it's going to be in 2013 most likely, but there are plenty of caveats to go with that to put the story in perspective.

Still, he's said that there's going to be a third, we've heard that the studio hired a writer for the script, and we've seen the bonus scenes from TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review) that suggest a continuation of the story and heard plot rumours. Everything's there just waiting.

Let's put this in context for a start though. Bruce Boxleitner is talking to fans in a very limited amount of time as he signs autographs of people waiting in a queue, typical convention stuff as you see a person beside him point to the next queue member and tell them to move in. Not time for an in-depth discussion.

You can see from his remarks that he's not saying something that is hard fact when he gives the date, he's clearly making an educated guess as he says that "it takes a long time to make these things", and he does say "2013, I think".

You can also interpret "it's a done deal" any way you wanted. It could be that he's saying of course it's a done deal because of how well the first one went, or it's a done deal because he's signed to make the third and they've already approached him. Who knows.

Plus there's the fact that the animated series (that's a cartoon to you and me) of TRON is due out next year and the studio may want to see how that fares, or hold on until that is out the production line before starting on a film.

Then again, they may not be that interested, after all they know how well the film did and if they deliver another of the same level with the same cast, they're well over half way there to having another hit on their hands.

So there are plenty of caveats here, but it's clear that Boxleitner does say that the third is a done deal and "it's in the works", there's a lot of promise in that statement.

You can hear him say it below through AICN and /Film:

What do you think he meant then? Could he be signed up and is there going to be a third film?



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