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Cruise hits F1 Red Bull

TomCruise.jpgThis isn't really a wholly film related video, but it combines two of my passions, one of them is film in the form of a huge star of cinema, Tom Cruise, and the other is in another of my passions, fast cars. I tell you if I were as rich as Tom Cruise I would be racing everything I could.

Tom Cruise is known for flying and driving fast cars, and so with the ex-Formula 1 Scottish racing driver David Coulthard arriving with the Red Bull Racing team to promote the Austin F1 race next year, they took the chance to team up.

Tom Cruise took to the F1 car well, and although there's a lot we didn't see before this point, we do get to see him driving around the circuit and setting some impressive times and showing off how well he can drive. David Coulthard is praiseworthy of the star too, and I'm sure we don't get to see all the mistakes, but you have to admit he's doing well.

Then he took to the skies in a Red Bull aerobatic helicopter and did some things I just thought weren't possible in a helicopter. Wow, Goose has gotten older. Will we see all this in a new Mission Impossible film? Perhaps.

Here's the footage which comes through Autoblog.



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