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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer

GhostRiderSpiritofVengeance.jpgI'm not sure if the subtitle of this sequel refers to how this film views the first Ghost Rider, but there's certainly something in that comment, since for fans of Ghost Rider it looks from the trailer like this new film is going to be the one where the character of Ghost Rider has his vengeance on those that made the first.

The new Ghost Rider comes from the guys behind Crank, Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, but they're not being as mad as they were in those films, what it does look like is that they're being really rather reverential towards the original character and I don't mean from the first film.

The trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance looks really good, it looks dark, scary and this new Ghost Rider looks like he brings with him a new burning sense of vengeance, and while there's still some comedy to be had, this isn't the first Ghost Rider by a long shot.

That's certainly what the trailer is telling us and I think it's doing a great job of it. Darker, tougher and meaner, and it looks like he's taking no prisoners.

Do you think this new Ghost Rider is the one to do it? I certainly think so from the trailer, and I'm not saying that just because the awesome Idris Elba is in it or that Ciarán Hinds and Christopher Lambert also star, but most likely because Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor direct.

Have a look for yourself, you can see the trailer here or you can catch it over on Apple Trailers.

I kind of like it, I love the action with the chains, although I'm not so sure about the scene with all the bullets coming out of the mouth like something out of the Mummy films, but I do appreciate the joke at the end. I don't know but I think they might just get it right this time.



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